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0000003Cluster-ManagerGeneralpublic2023-11-29 20:14
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PlatformwindowsOSwindowsOS Version11
Summary0000003: crash with "Error caused by 2 parameter." when launching kitty on a VM or LXC
DescriptionIn cluster-manager, if you right-click on a VM or LXC and click the "Kitty" option in the menu, the cluster-manager application hard crashes.

It says "Error caused by 2 parameter." and the window closes.
Steps To Reproduce1. Right click on a running VM or LXC container
2. Click "Kitty"
Additional InformationI'll admit I wasn't sure what would happen anyway, but I figured that Kitty would be run with the command `qm terminal ${VMID}` or `pct console ${VMID}`.
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